Welcome to Aurora Nova

Your North Sea Getaway from the Everyday!

Welcome to Aurora Nova…

Visit an island of marvelous basalt coastlines and stunning hillscapes, set into a sea which goes on for ages in the sparkling winter months, while boasting stunning Aurora Borealis skies seven months of the year.

Formerly known as Grøtness until 2017, the freshly-rebranded territory of Aurora Nova greets and welcomes you to stay and enjoy its many splendours! 

The Catalàn-influenced architectural stamp placed upon the capital city Morrowvale, with its contemporary mash up of Victorian and Modernist styles, offers you a city for tomorrow’s future… today.

  • Imagine… the vim and vigour of London… but at the modest scale of Leeds.
  • Picture… a night out solo – under the heavenlies in one of the many dark light territories, just you, your telescope, some recording equipment, a packet of Rolos… Mmmm.
  • Discover… untrodden landscapes mere metres off the edges of the roadways… minus the litter.
  • Cherish… the memories you create with your friends, or family, or whoever you hang out with. It’s honestly none of our business. 

These and many other breathtaking sights await you!